Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Darth Vader cake: Life-sized Star Wars cake by Amanda Oakleaf feeds 600 fans

275x250.jpgDarth Vader stood at an imposing 6ft 7in tall, weighed over 500 lbs and his cape was made out of 100 lbs of our marshmallow fondant … wait what?
After the success of her Storm Trooper cake, master baker Amanda Oakleaf has created a life-size Darth Vader cake for the 15th anniversary of Star Wars fan organization the 501st Legion.

The Dark Lord cake - which also featured a light saber made out of a solid piece of watermelon flavored poured sugar - fed 600 hungry Legion members at the event at The Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando.

While a metal frame serves as the skeleton of the Darth Vader cake, ingredients includes 386 eggs, 2 gallons milk, 3.5 cups vanilla, 118 cups/ 32 lbs flour, 46 lbs sugar, 57 lbs butter and 210 lbs of our home-made marshmallow fondant.

In case you were wondering, the Sith Lord tasted predominantly of sponge cake and buttercream icing. 
275x250.jpgSpeaking of the cake, which was made by a team of cake artists, Amanda said: "The cake was a joint donation from both us and the wonderful people at DK Publishing.

"Also a big thanks goes out to the 501st Legion for organizing the event and The Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL for being so accomodating!



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