Friday, November 2, 2012

Top 5 Concept Cars of January 2012


top 5 january 2012 all terrain electric car concepts

  • Designer: Alekseev Andrey

About All-Terrain Electric Beast

Misha all-terrain vehicle was designed specifically as a family car. This car designed for use in the harsh Siberian Climate. The driver has a wide room for comfortable driving Experience Passengers can have a unique riding experience from seat-to-seat. There are so much luxurious features in this concept.
There are four independent electric motors which are located in each wheel, Misha also features tires inspired by bear claws that have been adapted to for not lossing the grip on road in the siberian Climate.


Amazing 2012 off-road concept cars
  • Designer: Zhi Min Lin

About Reptilian Roadster

This Concept is designed for the future of ground transportation in that cities will become so Rushy and Dense.
In that time streets will eventually change from the 2D flat roads into a 3D U shape. This change is for utilizing limited space. This U-Wall Lizard is a vehicle adapted for driving on these new roads.
Four independently powered wheels, expandable clawed tires, There is a unique suspension system which allow it to grip terrain on both horizontal & highly angled surfaces all while balancing the body of the vehicle.


top extreme moto BMW concept cars of january 2012
  • Designer: Simone Madella

About Moto-Inspired Beemer

BMW Tandem latest concept autos which take inspiration from motorcycles, mixing some of the advantages of both to create a futuristic and unique vehicle.
This Tandem is powered by using the same 193 HP engine which founds in the BMW S1000rr motorcycle. The moto-inspiration can also be seen in its sporty yet light exterior styling and, of course, the tandem seating in the cockpit.


the new latest buggy car concept of 2012
  • Designer: Utkan Kiziltug

About Equestrian Inspired EV

This is the purely inspiration of the natural (horse) and human (carriage) components (Buggy) of the 19th century, This project aimed for providing comfortable transportation with a minimal carbon footprint in the rural life also.
The EV’s most highlighted features are its transparent body and large glass canopy that provides a 360 degree view outside. The sunroof is made of four pieces of glass that open, fold back. This is the Sun-roof feature of normal car but it has a resemblance with the Buggy also.


amazing january 2012 latest automotives
  • Designer: KISKA in cooperation with Opel


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