Monday, August 27, 2012

Moller Skycar M400

This vehicle looks like a hybrid between helicopter and a citizen’s car. It is able to take-off vertically and land in the same way, powered by four Wankel-type rotary engines. This type of engines has several advantages compared to common piston engines: it is simple and has much lower number of parts, only 2 or 3 moving parts, which makes it easier for maintenance; Wankel engines with their lower size produce more power than much bigger piston engines; has solid fuel economy; vibrations are minimized and works smooth at high RPM (rotations-per-minute). And also, rotary engines are able to use many types of fuel – biofuels, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, etc. 
If you decide to buy or drive this car, you have to know several things about it. At first, it has really big range – you can pass through up to 1207 kilometers with a single load. All four engines provide maximum nominal power of 720 hpand maximum speed of 579km/h. Just like the most cars, M400 can carry up to 4 passengers including the… I think that here is better to say “pilot” instead of “driver”. It is also very lightweight (1088 kg) and is able to reach nearly11km (10 973m) of height. 
via: moller


  1. Well done done for supporting this scam, which has been running for over 40 years. A simple Google search will find plenty of details about this fraudster, including him being successfully sued by the SEC.


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