Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funny Comedy Movies of 2010

1. Get Him to the Greek

With Jonah Hill and Russell Brand leading the way, Get Him to the Greek succeeds on multiple levels. Directed by the same man who brought you Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this Nicholas Stoller film provides funny performances with a plot that works. It runs on the dry humor of Hill, with plenty of one liners to keep movie quoters afloat for the duration of the summer.

2. MacGruber

The big problem with most comedy films is that they rehash the same tired characters over and over. This film featured Will Forte, Ryan Phillipe and a great performance from Val Kilmer, adding something different in a tried and true comedy world. Though only slapstick humor, MacGruber was funny enough to satisfy audiences.

3. Death at a Funeral

Sometimes a movie’s deficiencies must be overcome by a great cast of actors. Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock qualify and their performance in this movie is what makes it great. The dialogue between Lawrence and Rock is classic, as they become the primary draw in this one.

4. Date Night

Any time Steve Carell is involved, expectations are going to be high. In Date Night, he and Tina Fey played the lead, and produced a moderately funny comedy. Carell himself was able to carry the action, as the plot left something to be desired. Performances from Ray Liotta and Mila Kunis were highly underrated and helped to round out the sophisticated comedy cast.


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