Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strange Animals of the Deep (and not so deep) Sea!

WANTED - For Kidnapping Souls! REWARD. 1 Buck.

Ummm what? Have I got something on my face? "

" I told you not to feed them! "

" No, you have not woken up at the dentist! You are in deep water buddy and gonna get stung! Muhahahaha "

This is what happens when you cross a posh hat with a lump of play dough and a fish!

" Wanna see me touch my nose with my tongue? "

" Hey this isn't funny this time, I really am sinking!!! "

" You can make reflections of animals with your hands....I can make them with my HEAD! ohhh Yeah "

" Corr! Check this out Bill, this one's blue! " - " Blimey! Dave! This one's green! "

" Shovel Mouth, Scissor Head, Gums...i've heard them all man, don't say a word! "

" Julie!! I poked myself in my eye again with my tooth "


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