Thursday, November 29, 2012


This is no doubt one the the coolest gadget invention of latest time. This gadget is none other then the Virtual Laser Keyboard and it exists in reality (not just on computer screen)! It is very small and handy, generally equivalent to the size of a mobile phone. It can easily be connected with any windows (XP or advanced) computer or smartphone such as iPhone  Blackberry and others which are available in plenty in the market nowadays.

The VLK device connects with the phone via cables/wires (old fashioned way), infrared (oops with the evolution of Bluetooth it has almost become extinct) or Bluetooth and can be operated easily by means of a specialized app or software. In functioning mode, it generates a bright red colored virtual qwerty keyboard with laser technology and the device records the signals when a user types and transfers it to the connected device.

It functions as smooth as butter and provides you a great experience. The best thing is that it doesn't put any stress to your fingers and felicitates typing work in dark or low light. Have a look at this extra ordinary invention of human mind.


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