Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top 10 Weirdest Looking Emo Kids

It is sometimes hard for us mortals to distinguish the difference between Goth kids and Emo kids. All we know is that they both share a common passion for the color black, a mutual distaste for their parents and society, and an fatal allergy for everything that is considered normal and within the norm of things. To shed some further light on today’s troubled youth, we have collected the ten most obscure photos of Emo kids as well as Goth kids we could find. Not to ridicule or make fun of, but more to observe and understand.
First, let’s identify the true characteristics of an Emo Kid. We could settle with linking to the appropriate Wikipedia page, but will instead include this photo explaining the epitomy of an Emo Kid.

10. The Slightly Obese Gang Sign Flashing, Yet Conservative, Emo Kid

9. The Sado Masocist Emo Kids

8. The Company of Three

7. The Roleplaying “I’m a Dark Wizzard” Emo Kid

6. The “I Borrow My Mom’s Makeup” Emo Kid

5. The Samurai Emo Kid

4. The Slightly Insane Emo Kid

3. The Straight A’s Emo Kid

2. The Puppy Eyed Red Mascara Emo Kid

1. The Miserable Emo Kid Roadtripping with the Family


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