Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vintage Soviet Plant-Themed Office by Yaroslav Galant

Yaroslav Galant is the founder and art director of Shimma, an interior designer that comes from Ukraine with a lot of cool designs, this one being his latest project. The name of this place is pretty simple, but it also encapsulates the main function of the project: The Office.
Although the space it occupies is quite small, the beautiful vintage industrial elements seem to lighten up the place. The main challenge that the architect had to face was the optimization and maximization of the space, taking into consideration the fact that the area of the office is only 100 square meters and it had to be designed for four people.
Yaroslav really worked hard for this project, he searched a lot of places for vintage elements, managing to buy the authentic elements of d├ęcor from owners of industrial facilities. The working areas are split into three: there is the main working zone for all four owners, there is the lounge room that includes the balcony and the lobby that has a server niche.
The style of the place looks pretty much like a vintage Soviet plant while the pieces of furniture were designed by Yaroslav Galant himself. It took him 40 days to complete this project.


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