Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wonderful Habbit Home

he main difficulty was to build a house that revolves around a system that relies on alternative energy sources-but Simon managed to win this challenge too,  since his home is now naturally lit. As we step inside the house, we can notice some peculiar details. The walls are made of lime plaster-it’s a wiser decision if you come to think of it since lime plaster has a lower energy footprint compared with cement.
Everything inside-the windows, the plumbing, flooring, finishings etc was built from discarded scrap materials-unbelievable, but true. The heating system is actually a wood burner and the refrigerator is maintained cool with the use of an innovative system-basically the system pipes cool air from underground-and this keeps the refrigerator cool.
Since the hobbit house lies near the woodlands the water comes from a nearby spring. Electricity is brought to Simon’s house with the use of solar panels. The sun beams provide the small home with natural light during the day time. The house itself is a testimony of ambition. You don’t need to have special training or qualifications to make this happen. And you also don’t need a stack of money to live in comfort.


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