Sunday, September 2, 2012

15th World Bodypainting Festival in Austria

Bodypainting Festival in Austria

Body painting is a famous body art. Different countries organize body painting art events for promoting this art on international level. Recently, a world body painting festival celebrated in Austria. This is a 15th world body painting art festival in Poertschach, Austria.  Hundreds of artists took part in this event from all over the world.
The festival began as an effort to provide a tourism place for the visitors but it was converted into a colorful body paining festival.  In this post, we are presenting excellent photos of 15th world body painting art festival in Poertschach, Austria for your inspiration.
Body Painting Art
Terrific Bodypainting Art
15th World Bodypainting Festival
Amazing Example of Bodypainting Art.
Wonderful Bodypainting Art
A participant poses with her body painti
World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach
A girl is painting on the body.
Festival in Poertschach Austria.
Fabolous Bodypainting Art
Bodypainting Festival in Austria
FabolousBodypainting Art


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